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About Us

Goal, Vision, and Values


Our commitments are always honored, providing our stakeholders with peace of mind and establishing ourselves as the best waste services company in the markets we serve. This creates a safe and rewarding environment for our employees while protecting the health and well-being of the communities we serve, thereby increasing value for our shareholders.

Vision of the future

Our goal is to create an environment where empowered, self-directed employees seek to consistently meet our founding commitments and seek to create positive impacts through their interactions with customers, communities and other employees, always relying on our operating values as the foundation of our existence.

Statement of operating values

Our values are the basis of our culture. They define the priorities and limits of everything we do. They are ranked in order of importance to serve as a tool for each employee when making decisions. By adhering to our values, we are able to empower our employees and operate in a decentralized manner.


  • We strive to ensure complete safety for our employees, customers and the public in all our operations. Protection from any incident or injury is paramount in everything we do.


  • Our definition of integrity is "saying what you are going to do and then doing it. We keep our promises to our customers, employees and shareholders. Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Customer Service

  • We offer our clients the best possible service in a courteous and efficient manner that shows respect for those we are fortunate enough to serve.

A great place to work

  • We maintain a culture of growth where our employees can maximize their personal and professional potential. Our goal is to provide an environment where people love what they do and take pride in their work. We want to embody a culture of working hard, but playing harder.

The best waste services company in North America

  • We continue to deliver superior performance, remain environmentally responsible, and continue to grow in a disciplined manner, while deploying our resources intelligently and bringing benefits to the communities in which we live. We remain a "different breed".
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